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Harley-Davidson V-Rod “Jack Daniels” by SMC Design 7.8

Harley-Davidson V-Rod “Jack Daniels” by SMC Design



Builder SMC Design

Country Austria

Brand Harley Davidson

Model V Rod Muscle

Name “Jack Daniels”

Style Muscle

Harley Davidson V Rod parts

Rear conversion to 300/35/18 rear wheel with rear fender by Ricks which was adapted to the 300 wheel, the rear lighting was installed in the Fender.

The following add-on parts are custom-made by SMC

  • Fork leg panel
  • Side mark
  • Rear fender on 300 with built-in lighting
  • Swing tag Ricks changed by SMC to 300
  • Front Fender
  • Seat

The vehicle is equipped with an Air Ride which allows a height adjustment of 8cm. Rims, exhaust, fork and small parts were powder-coated silk matt.

Harley Davidson V Rod pics

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