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Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ by No Limit Custom

Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ by No Limit Custom


Rev up your passion for riding with the sleek and powerful Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ by No Limit Custom. This stunning custom creation is a true masterpiece, designed to turn heads and deliver an exhilarating riding experience like no other.

Sleek Gray with Bold Blue Accents

The V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ comes draped in a striking gray color scheme that exudes sophistication and style. What sets it apart are the bold blue accents, particularly in the prominent “GT” lettering and the brake calipers.

These blue details add a pop of color to the otherwise monochrome palette, making a bold statement on the road.

Custom Body Kit by No Limit Custom

The body of this V-Rod has been transformed with a custom body kit crafted by the artisans at No Limit Custom. Every curve and contour has been meticulously sculpted to enhance the bike’s aerodynamics and aesthetics.

The result is a machine that not only performs exceptionally but also looks like a work of art in motion.

No Limit Custom Exhaust System

The distinctive growl of a Harley-Davidson is part of what makes these bikes legendary, and the V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ is no exception. It’s equipped with a No Limit Custom 2-in-2 exhaust system in a sleek black finish.

This exhaust not only enhances the bike’s performance but also gives it a distinctive and aggressive sound that will turn heads wherever you go.

300mm Rear Wheel

One of the most eye-catching features of the V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ is its massive 300mm rear wheel. This wide rear wheel not only adds to the bike’s visual impact but also provides incredible stability and traction, ensuring that you can confidently handle the powerful engine’s output.

In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ by No Limit Custom is a true masterpiece of customization and craftsmanship. With its striking gray and blue color scheme, custom body kit, performance-enhancing exhaust system, and massive rear wheel, this bike is a head-turner on the road and a joy to ride. If you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson that stands out from the crowd and offers an exhilarating riding experience, the V-Rod ‘GT Edition’ is the bike for you.