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Harley Night Rod in a muscular style that is to turn heads

Harley Night Rod in a muscular style that is to turn heads

Harley Night Rod in a muscular style that is to turn heads

Lucke Motorcycles, of Germany, have modified a Harley Davidson Night Rod in a muscular style that is to turn heads.

This modification is marked by its use of black satin paint and an amazing airbrushed skull smoking a cigar.

Aside from the incredible paint job, some of the other modifications on this bike include a new black swingarm in order to accommodate a no-nonsense 280mm rear tire. These custom wheels are from No Limit Custom and are designed with a “Stealth” look which perfectly complements the overall feel of the bike. These are paired with Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18 tires.

The No Limit Custom black dual exhaust provides a perfect framework for the new rear fender and airbox cover. The rear fender is sleek and subtle and has been designed to hug the rear tire. The airbox cover is new, as well, and tied into the blacked-out theme of the bike.

The blacked-out look continues with new elevated handlebars that allow for a more comfortable position while riding. These create a more aggressive stance, while the addition of new foot pegs and black rearview mirrors help to complete this muscular look.

The front turn signals have been integrated within the handlebars. The headlight was also changed out for a more minimalist and blacked-out design which gives it a sleeker appearance.

To finish things off, the Harley-Davidson-logoed seat replaces the stock seat. All of these modifications combine to create a beautiful, yet aggressive look which is to make any rider feel like they own the road.

In conclusion, the modifications made to this Night Rod by Lucke Motorcycles are truly breathtaking.

The attention to detail in everything from the paint to the sleek blacked-out handlebars is impressive. The modifications have combined to create a beautiful and yet aggressive motorcycle that is to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Night Rod is a motorcycle that has always been a great starting point for customization, and this particular modification sets the bar high for other builders. It is a beautiful work of art in its own right.