Harley-Davidson V-Rod Custombike by Motorhell

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Custombike by Motorhell


Harley-Davidson V-Rod Custombike by Motorhell




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More than a brand, MOTORHELL © is a style. That of two passionate mechanics and designers who impose their codes in a too standardized and conventional universe.


The MOTORHELL © brand was born from the improbable meeting of a motorcycle preparer and a financier. Both passionate about motorcycles and Harley Davidson, they also have in common the fact of having started their studies by an artistic training.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell

Passionate since childhood with his father and his wife, for Max motorcycle preparation is a passion and a way of life.

Passionate about cars, Emmanuel likes to drive sports and discover the bike late in 2004. His first purchase is a custom Yamaha 1700 cc. The vibrations of the twin cylinder and the sound of his exhaust Akrapovic leave an indelible trace and start his passion for the custom bike.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell

The genesis of the MOTORHELL © begins in 2015, during a road trip in the United States on the legendary Route 66. Indian and Harley Davidson are on the program, and the desire to own a Harley Davidson grows day by day until becoming irrepressible . As miles roll through the open spaces, Emmanuel imagines what his future Harley Davidson might look like. At each stage, he lays his ideas on paper.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell

Back in France, Emmanuel orders Lazareth the custom V-Rod imagined during his road trip. The bike will be ready for the 2016 Harley Davidson Euro Festival. The result is worthy of Lazareth but the designer has moved away from the specifications and the machine imagined by Emmanuel in the US has yet to be realized.

In 2017, Emmanuel meets Max at the Euro Festival Harley Davidson in Grimaud. He is immediately seduced by his achievements, the quality of the finishes of his motorcycles and the passionate speech of Max. The project to create V-Rod revives with “L’Atelier du Gentleman”. The ideas of the one stimulates the creativity of the other, and over the months, their collaboration gives birth to a creation presented at the Euro Festival of Grimaud in 2018, in all respects faithful to the original fantasy.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell


Emmanuel NARRAT decides to baptize this motorcycle MOTORHELL © in tribute to Lemmy KILMISTER, which he is a fan since adolescence (he went to see him for the last time in concert at the Zenith of Paris in 2014).

Always ready to pick up the pencil, he draws the logo and protects the brand.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell


Emmanuel gives to “L’Atelier du Gentleman”, Max’s company, the license to exploit exclusively the brand MOTORHELL ©.

The manufacture of a MOTORHELL © is feasible over a period of two to three months depending on the machines and options selected. But the ever-full order book and the home-made methods can lengthen the time to own a MOTORHELL ©.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell

The prototype unveiled at the Euro Festival is presented with a single arm and a rear tire mounted in 300. It is available in 5 versions :

  • Double arm in 240
  • Double arm in 300
  • Mono arm in 240
  • Mono arm in 300
  • Mono arm in 300 and equipped with a turbo compressor

Customizations will be possible provided that the style of the MOTORHELL © brand is respected.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell

The MOTORHELL © will all be numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the two founders of the brand, and an owner’s card in aluminum that will give access to the privileges reserved for members of MOTORHELL © Owners Club.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell


MOTORHELL © counts among its customers and partners, recognized brands like Harley Davidson, KessTech, or Bell.

The best equipment manufacturers such as Brembo, Rizoma, Performance Machine, No Limit, Ricks, or PFP Racing Öhlins accompany MOTORHELL © in its projects.

MOTORHELL © customers are professionals or demanding amateurs, passionate about the bike, the world of custom and motor sports, or simply aesthetes looking for a different design.

harley-Davidson v-rod muscle by Motorhell


Each MOTORHELL © benefits from an after-sales service. Parts are referenced, indexed or stored for replacement at any time in the life of your MOTORHELL ©.

Some specific parts are marketable separately, but the hull so characteristic of the V-Rod MOTORHELL © is not marketed separately.


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