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DARK KUSTOM > Harley-Davidson V Rod 360 by DGD Custom

Harley-Davidson V Rod 360 by DGD Custom


    The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle

    Is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts for its sleek and powerful design. The Australian-based custom shop, DGD Custom, has taken this already impressive motorcycle and turned it into a true bad ass. Featuring a super-wide rear wheel with Vee Rubber Monster 360 tires and custom golden mirror-effect rims, this motorcycle commands attention on the road.

    Despite its rugged appearance, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle is equipped with advanced technology and safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure ride. The front wheel is also oversized, adding to the bike’s imposing profile. The black matte finish, combined with mirror-effect golden details, contributes to the motorcycle’s distinctive, edgy look.

    One of the most striking features of the DGD Custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle is a beautifully crafted aerographic artwork. The drawing depicts a samurai and a dragon, illustrating the powerful spirit of the motorcycle and its owner. The artwork, combined with the dark and rebellious aesthetic, creates a true work of art.

    To bring the already powerful V-Rod Muscle to new heights, DGD Custom has added a turbocharged engine, making this motorcycle capable of packing an extreme punch on the road. The dual exhaust system provides both an impressive engine sound and optimal performance.

    No detail has been overlooked on this machine, including the customized seat and minimalist black grips. These subtle accents contribute to the overall tough and aggressive look, enhancing the black and gold color scheme of the DGD Custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle.

    In conclusion

    The Harley-Davidson V Rod 360 is a bad ass motorcycle that is both beautiful and powerful. With its super-wide rear tire, custom golden mirror-effect rims, oversized front wheel, black matte finish, and beautifully crafted aerographic artwork, this motorcycle is a true work of art.

    The turbocharged engine and dual exhaust system provides an extreme performance that will turn heads on the road. The minimalistic black grips and customized seat complete this edgy and unique design.

    Harley-Davidson V Rod 360