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Harley Davidson Street Bob ‘Jekill&Hyde’ by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson Street Bob ‘Jekill&Hyde’ by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson Street Bob 'Jekill&Hyde' by Bundnerbike


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Country Switzerland

Model H-D Street Bob

Style Bobber

The Harley Davidson Street Bob conversion undergoes a radical transformation from its factory state into a minimalist and stripped-down bobber bike. This particular style is recognized for its sleek and raw appearance achieved by stripping away all unnecessary components.

When designing one’s ideal Graubünden bike, it becomes more than just a mode of transportation; it evolves into an expression of individual personality.

A minimalist seat, replacing the sprawling saddle, is a common feature. Typically flat and straightforward, it contributes to the bobber’s streamlined aesthetic.

The exhaust mufflers by Jekill&Mr. Hyde boast a distinctive appearance and aggressive sound, enhancing the sporty nature of V-twin engines.

Equipped with electronic sound control, these exhaust systems offer the rider the ability to switch between various sound modes.

Careful attention is paid to ensure compliance with legal requirements concerning performance, emissions, and noise levels, as per relevant regulations. Combining elements of modern design with a nostalgic retro aesthetic, the use of a three-piece rim in black and chrome creates a striking visual appeal, giving the bike a distinct and unique look.



  • Bündnerbike tank
  • Bündnerbike hech fender with LED
  • Bündnerbike saddle plate with LED lights
  • Bündnerbike number plate with LED

Special accessories

  • Harley-Davidson seat
  • Harley-Davidson throttle and clutch handle
  • Bündnerbike handlebars

Details and emblems

  • Bündnerbike tank cap recessed and keyless



  • Black gloss with checkered pattern


  • Wheel spokes black gloss powder coated


Exhaust system

  • Jekill&Mr,Hyde flap exhaust system

Brakes & chassis

Landing gear

  • Harley-Davidson front fork 49 mm telescopic fork with two spring rates, dual bending valve, light alloy fork clamps and bellows, black powder-coated
  • Harley-Davidson central spring strut with adjustable spring preload and twin-tube shock absorber

Braking system

  • Harley-Davidson brakes four-piston fixed caliper at the front and two-piston floating caliper at the rear
  • Harley-Davidson brake discs Floating single disc with split 7 spokes at the front and rear