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H-D Breakout Softail ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ by Bündnerbike

H-D Breakout Softail ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ by Bündnerbike


This bespoke motorcycle was meticulously crafted with a singular goal in mind – to captivate motorcycle enthusiasts.

It stands as a masterpiece that seamlessly merges the heritage of Bündnerbike design with contemporary elements, resulting in a truly unparalleled riding experience.

Beyond being merely a mode of transportation, this Breakout serves as a manifestation of style and personal identity for its rider.

Introducing pneumatic air suspension for motorcycles represents a leap in technological advancement, granting riders the ability to finely tune the ride height and suspension dynamics of their bike on the fly.

The intricate paint job of this BündnerBike not only imbues it with a sense of sportiness but also exudes an air of refined elegance.

Complementing this aesthetic are the meticulously selected original Harley-Davidson accessories, including handles, footrests, and cover panels, which add the final flourishes to the ensemble, accentuating the chosen high-quality aesthetics of this Graubünden gem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bündnerbike tank
  • Bündnerbike rear fender with integrated LED lights
  • Bündnerbike saddle plate featuring LED illumination
  • Bündnerbike license plate holder with LED lighting
  • Specialized Harley-Davidson components
  • Harley-Davidson seat
  • Harley-Davidson throttle and clutch grips
  • Bündnerbike handlebars
  • Distinctive details and emblems
  • Recessed and keyless Bündnerbike tank cap
  • Sleek black pearl paint finish
  • Glossy black powder-coated wheel spokes
  • Jekill&Mr. Hyde adjustable exhaust system
  • Harley-Davidson 49mm telescopic front fork with dual spring rates, dual bending valve, lightweight alloy fork clamps, and bellows, all finished in black powder coat.
  • Harley-Davidson front fork 49 mm telescopic fork with two spring rates, dual bending valve, light alloy fork clamps and bellows, black powder-coated.
  • Harley-Davidson central spring strut with adjustable spring preload and twin-tube shock absorber.
  • Harley-Davidson brakes four-piston fixed caliper at the front and two-piston floating caliper at the rear.
  • Harley-Davidson brake discs Floating single disc with split 7 spokes at the front and rear.