Harley Davidson Night Rod “La Bestia” by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson Night Rod “La Bestia” by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson Night Rod “La Bestia” by Bündnerbike


Harley Night Rod for sale

H-D Night Rod for sale


«Beast (from the Latin bestia for ‘fearsome animal’) stands for: a monster, see monster; a fighting animal in historical animal fights, see animal fight / history. ” This description can be found on Wikipedia when entering the word “beast”. Inexplicably, there is absolutely nothing written about our beautiful beast. Because this special model based on a Harley-Davidson Night Rod definitely looks terrifying or like a wild fighting animal. Yet. In spite of all the fearfulness and muscle-bound territorial marking, this is probably the most beautiful beast you have ever seen. Starting with the impressive 18 inch 300 Metzler rear wheel to the Jekyll & Hyde exhaust system and the elegant Bündner bike saddle to the special paintwork of the Carrosserie Ludwig brand in a cheeky yet timeless orange-black. And we don’t even want to talk about the scary or, for real Harley fans, heart-warming background noise that this beast emits at certain moments.



“La Bestia” parts


Bündnerbike rear conversion with LED light
Bündnerbike saddle plate
Rear wheel 18 inch 300 Metzler
Front brake original H-D
Air suspension with fact test
Bündnerbike handlebars
Jekill & Hyde exhaust
Number holder on the side
Bündnerbike saddle
Special paintwork car body Ludwig


Night Rod parts



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Night Rod reviews


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