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H-D Night Rod Supercharged ‘The Nightmare’ by Big Bad Customs

H-D Night Rod Supercharged ‘The Nightmare’ by Big Bad Customs

    H-D Night Rod Supercharged 'The Nightmare' by Big Bad Customs

    Are you ready to delve into the world of custom motorcycles that redefine the boundaries of power and style?

    Look no further than “The Nightmare,” the stunning creation by Big Bad Customs, featuring a Harley-Davidson Night Rod as its canvas. This two-wheeled beast, owned by Chris Bydie from the Blue Angels MC, is a testament to the artistry and engineering prowess of the builders.

    Power and Performance

    At the heart of this mechanical masterpiece lies a powerhouse boasting an impressive 200bhp, thanks to a supercharged engine that delivers a 10lb boost. The Night Rod’s performance is further enhanced with a jaw-dropping 120Ft/lb of torque, ensuring that every ride is an adrenaline-fueled experience.

    Dominating the Streets

    The Nightmare commands attention on the road with its aggressive stance and custom body kit, expertly crafted by Big Bad Customs. The sleek design and meticulous attention to detail make this Night Rod stand out from the crowd, setting it apart as a true work of art on two wheels.

    Riding on Air

    Equipped with air suspension, The Nightmare provides a smooth and controlled ride, allowing the rider to conquer any terrain with ease. This feature not only enhances the bike’s performance but also adds to the overall comfort and handling, ensuring a memorable riding experience.

    Unleashing the Roar

    The 2in2 black exhaust system not only complements the bike’s aesthetics but also unleashes a deep and powerful roar that announces the presence of The Nightmare from a distance. It’s a symphony of power and precision, leaving an indelible mark on anyone lucky enough to witness this beast in action.

    Customization at Its Finest

    The Nightmare features a unique Candy Blue color scheme, expertly applied to every inch of its frame. This custom paint job adds a layer of sophistication and mystique, turning heads wherever it goes. The removable pillion seat/bracket ensures versatility for solo rides or sharing the thrill with a fellow rider.

    Grip and Traction

    With a 160 front tire and an imposing 330 rear tire, The Nightmare grips the road with authority, translating all that power into controlled acceleration. The tire combination not only adds to the bike’s visual appeal but also ensures optimal traction for a confident and exhilarating ride.