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H-D Breakout ‘Smooth Rider’ by Bündnerbike

H-D Breakout ‘Smooth Rider’ by Bündnerbike


    This Bündnerbike embodies classic, sporty, and timeless elegance in harmonious black and gray tones. Its sleek silhouette and clean lines give it a distinctive, stylish character that captivates both enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The joy of riding is paramount, with precise handling and direct road contact delivering an unparalleled riding experience. This motorcycle is not just a means of transportation; it is a statement of class and dynamism.



    • Bündnerbike tank
    • Bündnerbike rear fender with LED lighting
    • Bündnerbike front fender
    • Bündnerbike seat check pattern

    Special accessories

    • Bündnerbike seat plate
    • Harley-Davidson handle for gas and clutch
    • Bündnerbike handlebar
    • Bündnerbike number plate with LED

    Details and emblems

    • Bündnerbike tank cap recessed and keyless
    • Bündnerbike air filter


    Everything legal

    • The flap exhaust system from Jekill&Mr.Hyde is equipped with an electronic sound control. This means that the exhaust tailpipes not only offer an impressive acoustic experience, but are also legal.

    Brakes & chassis

    Bündnerbike air suspension
    The tested pneumatic air suspension allows the vehicle height and suspension properties of the Bündnerbike to be continuously adjusted


    • Front fork 49 mm telescopic fork with two spring rates, light alloy triple clamps and “beer can” covers

    Braking system

    • Harley-Davidson brakes Four-piston fixed caliper at the front and two-piston floating caliper at the rear
    • Harley-Davidson brake discs Floating single disc with split 7 spokes at the front and rear



    • The paintwork on the Smooth Rider is discreet, with both the lettering and the stripes giving the bike a sporty appearance and emphasizing the clear lines of the Smooth Rider.


    • The rims, handlebars and fork are provided with a high-gloss powder coating that ensures high adhesion and robustness.