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A well-designed motorcycle with minimalist aesthetic

A well-designed motorcycle with minimalist aesthetic

A well-designed motorcycle with minimalist aesthetic

The design of the GTO 3 is defined by its flawless craftsmanship.

Its silhouette is a fundamental factor that influences the appearance and personality of the bike. A well-designed motorcycle should create clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes the sports heritage of the Bündnerbike brand.

The aggressive sporty paint job of the GTO 3 adds an extra edge to the bike’s dynamic personality. The color scheme accentuates the bike’s lines and its sporty aura. Additionally, the Bündnerbike is equipped with a Jekill & Mr. Hyde sound system that produces a powerful and dynamic sound.

Optimal riding position

The Bündnerbike has been designed with an optimal riding position that guarantees an expected and secure riding experience. The lower seat position means that the rider is closer to the road and the motorcycle, giving the sensation that they are one with the bike, resulting in better control.


The clear lines of the Bündnerbike GTO 3 enhance the vehicle’s powerful form and provide a coherent aesthetic. The exciting silhouette of the Bündnerbike ensures that it has a strong visual impact from every angle.

Maximum safety

The rear fender of the Bündnerbike is an essential component that significantly influences both the bike’s appearance, safety, and rider comfort. When the rear fender perfectly fits the frame and the rear wheel, it can optimize stable driving characteristics with the infinitely adjustable air suspension.

Heavy breather

The Heavy Breather High-Performance Intake with a forward-facing air filter element produces an impressive amount of torque thanks to its higher airflow.

Brakes, caliper design

Four-piston fixed calipers for the front and two-piston floating calipers for the rear.