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PROTOTYP: Iconic Walz Hardcore Cycles dragstyle

PROTOTYP: Iconic Walz Hardcore Cycles dragstyle

    PROTOTYP_ Iconic Walz Hardcore Cycles dragstyle

    The PROTOTYP is a truly unique and exceptional bike, with its modified frame and gastanks, as well as its abundance of handcrafted custom made gold and carbon fiber parts.

    This bike surpasses all previous WHC bikes in terms of its outstanding design and features.

    Drawing inspiration from the renowned sports car brand ‘Lamborghini’, the design of the PROTOTYP revolves around sharp edges and hexagonal shapes. Combined with the iconic Walz Hardcore Cycles dragstyle appearance, this bike truly stands out as a ‘One of One’ creation.

    One of the standout features of the PROTOTYP are its custom made wheels. These wheels are meticulously crafted, with various elements milled out of aluminium.

    The blossoms, bolts, and brakediscs are all plated with 24K gold, while the rims are coated with forged carbon fiber. This gives the wheels an elegant and luxurious look, especially when illuminated by sunlight.

    Underneath its stunning exterior, the PROTOTYP is powered by a combination of a S&S engine and a Rotrex supercharger.

    It also boasts a built-in NX system, a custom welded exhaust, and a 6-speed transmission. This driveline not only enhances the bike’s beauty, but also provides immense power and performance.

    Similar to most motorcycles, the PROTOTYP can be started by pressing a ‘START’ button. However, unlike other bikes, the PROTOTYP features an original ‘START’ button from a Lamborghini Aventador. This button is integrated in a custom carbon fiber housing, situated on top of the main frame next to the NX system switch.

    In conclusion, the PROTOTYP stands out as the most outstanding WHC bike created to date.

    Its unique design, inspired by Lamborghini, is accentuated by the abundance of custom made gold and carbon fiber parts. With its powerful driveline and luxurious features such as the custom wheels and Lamborghini Aventador ‘START’ button, this bike truly redefines excellence and sets a new standard in the world of motorcycles.