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DARK KUSTOM > Harley-Davidson Sportster S ‘KessTech’ customized by Cult-Werk

Harley-Davidson Sportster S ‘KessTech’ customized by Cult-Werk


    Builder CULT-WERK

    Contact [email protected]

    Country Austria

    Model H-D Sportster S

    Style Racer

    • Short front fender “Custom” V1 (Cult-Werk)
    • Lower fork cover 2-piece (Cult-Werk)
    • Headlight Mask “V-Rod Style” (Cult-Werk)
    • Footpegs & shifter “Racing” (Cult-Werk)
    • Radical mirror set
    • LED technology indicators in front black
    • Indicator holder adjustable at the front
    • Seat newly saddled to match the paintwork
    • Side license plate holder with LED license plate light in black (Cult-Werk)
    • LED technology indicators and rear light conversion kit
    • KESSTECH exhaust system WITH OR WITHOUT electronically adjustable flap (always legal!)
    • Short belt protection (cult work)
    • Footrest system in black
    • Front axle cover milled in black with CWC logo (Cult-Werk)
    • Drag bar handlebars
    • Swing arm cover black matt
    • Rear axle cover black matt
    • Rims matching the special paintwork
    • SPECIAL PAINT “GOLD CANDY AIRBRUSH MATT (everything airbrushed – handmade!)”