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Harley-Davidson Sportster ‘Racing II’ by Kodlin Murdercycles

Harley-Davidson Sportster ‘Racing II’ by Kodlin Murdercycles


    Kodlin Motorcycles, a custom motorcycle workshop in Germany, has modified a Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster into a stunning and unique machine.

    The modifications include a set of RevTech Nitro 18” wheels, a Fred Kodlin Racing 2-in-1 Black exhaust system, and an original headlight that has been modified to add to the bike’s unique aesthetic.

    The seat, a custom design from Fred Kodlin himself, adds to the Roadster’s sleek and minimalist design. The Fred Kodlin Racing Rearfender and radiator covers complete the look, making the bike look like a work of art.

    The front fork on the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster has been left untouched, adding to the bike’s classic design with a modern twist.

    A custom air cleaner from Fred Kodlin has been added, giving the bike an even more aggressive aesthetic. The Arlen Ness Mini Oval black mirrors add to the bike’s streamlined appearance.

    The license plate holder, also designed by Fred Kodlin, adds to the bike’s overall design, tying the machine all together. The Fred Kodlin Racing Swingarm, which was extended to 200mm, gives the bike a more extended and dynamic feel.

    The Fred Kodlin Radikal Racing Handlebar gives the rider a comfortable and aggressive riding position.

    The Avon “Contour” Grips add to the bike’s overall handling and grip. The airbrush work completed by Fred Kodlin himself, painting the motorcycle in electric orange with the contrast of black parts, give the bike an excellent and unique look that is to turn heads.

    In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster modified by Kodlin Motorcycles, Germany, is a true masterpiece.

    The design and modifications that have been added to the bike give it a unique and modern look, while still keeping the classic Harley-Davidson appearance. The team at Kodlin Motorcycles has expertly crafted a custom motorcycle that is to please motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.