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Harley-Davidson Ape Hanger Fat Boy by Thunderbike

Harley-Davidson Ape Hanger Fat Boy by Thunderbike

Harley-Davidson Ape Hanger Fat Boy by Thunderbike from Deutschland


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Custom painting Kruse design

Country Germany

Model H-D Fat Boy

Style Ape hanger

The Road Force is certainly one of the most radical conversions of our Fat Boy collection. Like its brother, the Black Apple, it underwent a custom treatment without changing the distinctive Fat Boy features such as tank and fork. Despite radical interventions such as single-sided swingarms and powerful wheels, it remains a Fat Boy. The matt lacquer finish with the discreet graphics bears the master handwriting of Ingo Kruse, who expertly rounds off the bike. The powerful appearance is perfectly staged by the short fenders and the Air Ride in front and rear, with which the bike can easily be lowered to a lowrider.

  • Rear Wheel Thunderbike Big Speed 9×21″
  • Front Wheel Thunderbike Big Speed 4×23″
  • Front Fender Thunderbike 23″ Fibre Glass
  • Brake Disc Thunderbike Big Speed floated 300mm
  • Single Side Swing Arm Thunderbike
  • Pulley Thunderbike Big Speed
  • Licence Plate Lightning Thunderbike
  • Rear Fender Thunderbike Steel 206/21″
  • Air Ride Suspension Kit Thunderbike
  • Derby Cover Thunderbike Torque with Logo
  • Timer Cover Thunderbike New Custom
  • Airbox Cover Thunderbike Torque with Logo
  • Front Turn Signals Thunderbike Stripe LED
  • Handlebar Thunderbike Flip II
  • Grips Thunderbike Base Rubber
  • Toppers Thunderbike Torque with Logo
  • Front Axle Cover Thunderbike
  • Ignition Coil Relocation Kit Thunderbike
  • Swing Axle Cover Left Thunderbike
  • Fueltank-to-Seat-Cover Thunderbike
  • License Plate Bracket Thunderbike Inside Plate
  • Chin Fairing Thunderbike GP Long
  • Exhaust Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde