► Buell Racing “XBuell” by TEX Design

► Buell Racing “XBuell” by TEX Design


► Buell Racing “XBuell” by TEX Design


Builder TEX Design

Contact  [email protected]
Country Italy
Brand Buell
Model “XBuell
Style Racing

Buell racing review

The idea was born in the middle of 2015. For some time I wanted to develop the famous American two-cylinder motorcycle, fascinated by its great proportions and strong personality, with many innovations that made it unique. Twelve months of precise design work based on virtual modeling systems, using CNC technologies and 3D printing methods, allowed me to create totally aesthetic and structural parts in all their details. On a motorcycle, style and functionality go hand in hand: every aesthetic element must be in perfect harmony with the mechanical one and vice versa. It is not by chance that all the superstructures are perfectly aligned with each other and with the mechanical component.

I wanted to create an unusual front, similar of the M-S4R, but with a more innovative character. Here is the idea of a telescopic fairing device, the T.C.S. This particular system allowed me to replace the front optical unit in a different position close to the wheel, giving it a particularly aggressive look. Even the structure that supports the slender rear body is particularly studied. Part of it remains exposed to the sides and becomes an element of style. The end result is a strong impact with themes and proportions in perfect cyborg style.

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