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2020 TRIUMPH Speed Twin Review

We review the Triumph Speed Twin 1200cc modern classic Roadster, with the Bonneville engine. This motorcycle is built for cornering; it has a short wheelbase and trail and a steep rake. What is it like to ride? We give you all the info! We look at the handling, speed, comfort, ergonomics, acceleration, brakes, suspension wheels, design, engine, exhaust and more! As with all our reviews, we put ourselves in the shoes of the type of person who would buy this motorbike. Is it right for YOU? Watch to find out. Will it be OK if your’e tall? If you’re short, can you ride it? Is it heavy? Is it too much? We were filming in gale force winds AGAIN so we apologise for the sound quality, although we have filtered most of it out. We also go over some of the stats like fuel economy, range and what it has, such as modes for Road, Rain and Sport.


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