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Harley Davidson V-Rod Big ass 330 by Mat Custom

Harley Davidson V-Rod Big ass 330 by Mat Custom


    If you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast, you will understand the sheer excitement this bike brings. The Harley Davidson V-Rod Big Ass 330 by Mat Custom is an awe-inspiring machine that fits right into the category of extreme motorcycles.

    This creation from the Russian-based custom bike builders, Mat Custom, boasts a combination of daring modifications and performance-enhancing upgrades that give it its unique identity. With an impressive carbon fiber monocoque body kit, this bike stands out against traditional Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    The bike’s milled cantilever pendulum and covers with “windows” for the clutch, alternator, and pump, are some examples of how Mat Custom achieved perfection in this project. What’s more, the support bearing removal on the drive pulley allows for a comfortable and smooth operation.

    The custom-designed rims and milled driven pulley make for an impressive appearance, and the milled traverses and steering racks give it the perfect balance. The design of the bike’s milled body grilles and carbon headlight bracket is both stylish and practical.

    The Harley Davidson V-Rod Big Ass 330 by Mat Custom comes equipped with a rear-moving wing with pneumatic drive, giving the motorcycle a look of sophistication and a unique design.

    The addition of the front fender, GRZ bracket inside the wheel, and Beringer cars and calipers, brake discs front, establishes this bike as a high-performance machine.

    The Akrapovic exhaust system is what provides the V-Rod Big Ass 330 its distinctive roar, while the mirrors, turn signals Rizoma, and the headlamp all fit in well with the bike’s dark, choppy, and sleek design.

    Despite the bike’s significant bodywork and modifications, every element works in harmony, providing an exceptional ride and a unique experience. The tires’ 180 and 330 width add to the overall look of the bike, providing a strong and durable stance capable of taking on the road.

    All in all, the Harley Davidson V-Rod Big Ass 330 by Mat Custom is undoubtedly one for the books. The bike’s flawless design and exceptional attention to detail make it an engineering masterpiece that not only looks great, but it rides smoothly as well. If you are interested in owning this bike or learning more about it, you can contact Mat Custom via email at

    V-Rod parts

    • Body kit: carbon fiber monocoque, custom painting
    • Milled cantilever pendulum
    • Milled covers with “windows”: clutch, alternator, pump
    • Removal of the drive pulley with support bearing
    • Custom-design milled rims
    • Milled driven pulley
    • Milled traverses, steering racks
    • Milled body grilles
    • Headlight bracket: carbon
    • Rear moving wing (pneumatic drive): carbon
    • Front fender
    • GRZ bracket inside the wheel
    • Cars and calipers Beringer, brake discs front – Galfer, rear
    • Akrapovic exhaust system
    • Mirrors, turn signals Rizoma
    • Headlamp
    • Flu and other small things
    • Tires 180 and 330 mm wide
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