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Harley VRSCDX ‘330 Tire Custom’ by Bad Land

Harley VRSCDX ‘330 Tire Custom’ by Bad Land


The Harley VRSCDX ‘330 Tire Custom’ motorcycle by Bad Land from Japan is a true work of art. This custom bike has undergone numerous modifications to create a stunning and unique ride. Here are some of the key modifications.

Front Wheel: Hardcore Cycles 4×18”

Rear Wheel: Rick’s Motorcycles 12.5 × 17” with a Driveside Brake System

Front Tires: AVON 130/70-18 “

Rear Tire: AVON 330/35-17 “

Front Fork: BAD LAND on/off

3D Aluminum Billet Headlight: No Limit Custom

Handle: BAD LAND on/off

Front Fender: BAD LAND on/off

Rear Fender: BAD LAND on/off

Exhaust: BAD LAND on/off

Original BAD LAND Radiator Panel

Foot Control: BAD LAND original

3D Aluminum Billet Wide Swing Arm: Rick’s Motorcycles

70mm Offset Pulley Kit: Rick’s Motorcycles

Rear Shock: Legend Air Ride System

Front Control Unit: Performance Machine

Front Brake Caliper: Performance Machine 4-Pot Double

Front Brake Rotor: Rick’s Motorcycles

Front Turn Signal: Kellermann BL_1000

Rear Blinker: Kellermann Super LED

Custom Paint: Featuring Dry Carbon Construction, Black Paint, and Rubber Paint (for the orange parts)

Single Sheet One-Make Design

This custom motorcycle showcases a combination of high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail. The AVON tires, along with the 330 rear tire, add to its distinctive appearance, and the Legend Air Ride System ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

The unique paint job, featuring dry carbon construction and a mix of black and rubber paint on the orange parts, adds a touch of sophistication to this already impressive machine.

The Harley VRSCDX ‘330 Tire Custom’ by Bad Land is a prime example of the creativity and craftsmanship that can be found in the world of custom motorcycles. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a piece of art on wheels.

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