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H-D V-Rod Bugatti Chiron ‘Ecstasy’ by DD Designs

H-D V-Rod Bugatti Chiron ‘Ecstasy’ by DD Designs

H-D V-Rod Bugatti Chiron 'Ecstasy' by DD Designs

Introducing the ‘Ecstasy’ – a stunning rendition of the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, reimagined by DD Designs, drawing inspiration from the renowned automotive masterpiece, the Bugatti Chiron.

Hailing from the United States, this custom motorcycle pays homage to the Chiron’s remarkable features while embracing the essence of Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod. The meticulous craftsmanship of DD Designs shines through in every aspect of this exceptional build.

At the core of ‘Ecstasy’ lies a 360mm single-sided swing arm, a testament to the innovation and engineering prowess put into this creation.

The carbon fiber body, meticulously crafted, seamlessly mirrors the design elements of the Bugatti Chiron, a testament to the dedication and attention to detail.

The custom tank cover, drawing inspiration from the EB110 air intake design, serves as a striking homage to Bugatti’s legacy.

The rear tail light, an iconic feature synonymous with Bugatti, is reimagined to grace the ‘Ecstasy,’ infusing it with the Chiron’s spirit.

Furthermore, the custom exhaust, meticulously designed to echo the elegance of the Chiron’s exhaust tips, adds a touch of finesse.

The Square Halo headlight and the front radiator, ingeniously crafted to mimic Bugatti’s signature horseshoe grill, are testimonies to the intricate thought process behind this build.

Each element of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport served as a blueprint for the ‘Ecstasy.’ Countless hours were invested in the design process alone, ensuring that every part not only seamlessly integrates into the motorcycle platform but also encapsulates the essence of the iconic Chiron.

In the world of custom motorcycles, ‘Ecstasy’ stands as a testament to the fusion of automotive excellence and motorcycle artistry. It represents the dedication, creativity, and passion of DD Designs in bringing together two iconic vehicles from different realms into a single, awe-inspiring masterpiece.

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