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Harley-Davidson FXDR 128 by MELK: power, speed and style

Harley-Davidson FXDR 128 by MELK: power, speed and style

    The Harley-Davidson FXDR 128 by MELK Motorcycles is a machine that combines power, speed and style.

    Equipped with a Stage IV 128 Cubic Engine Kit from S&S Cycles, this bike is built to make heads turn with its unique design and high performance.

    To suit the bike’s performance, MELK added several accessories to enhance the visual appeal of the FXDR. This includes a semi-custom exhaust system by AKRAPOVIC, custom saddle by MELK Motorcycles, AV/Air CVO rims from Harley-Davidson, and more.

    All these accessories are carefully selected to complement the bike’s overall look and feel.

    One of the notable features of the FXDR 128 is its aesthetic preparation. The bike’s bodywork is painted in a mix of glossy black, matte black and matte grey from DUCATI. The use of different colors creates a bold and sporty image, while the clear casings that showcase the custom parts give the bike a unique and modern look.

    Moreover, the aesthetic work done to the FXDR 128 is astonishing.

    The bike’s parts are painted in a variety of colors such as vivid black, pink corso, grey metal mate, and rosso corso. The use of these colors adds a stylish touch to the bike’s overall design, making it look like a high-performance machine.

    The attention to detail is also evident in the components used. The bike features an engine hoof from Killer Custom, transparent cam cover from Performance Machine, and derby cover transparent from Rick’s Motorcycles, among others. These components not only add to the bike’s unique look, but they also reveal the bike’s powerful performance parts.

    The MELK Motorcycles team has put a lot of effort into building this machine. Every part is handpicked and carefully selected to ensure that the FXDR 128 is both visually appealing and powerful. The result is a bike that is both stylish and fast, with a unique character that sets it apart from other Harley-Davidsons.

    In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson FXDR 128 by MELK Motorcycles is not just a bike, but a work of art.

    It is built for those who value both performance and style, and there is no doubt that it will turn heads wherever it goes. If you are looking for a bike that is unique, powerful and stylish, look no further than the FXDR 128.

    Harley FXDR parts


    • Stage IV 128 Cubic Engine Kit – S&S Cycles
    • Caps Prepared – MELK Motorcycles
    • Semi Custom Exhaust – AKRAPOVICi X MELK Motorcycles
    • Réservoir Stretched – Thunderbike
    • Mud Guard Ar – Thunderbike
    • Custom Saddle – MELK Motorcycles
    • AV / Air CVO Rims – Harley – Davidson
    • Fork Sale – MELK Motorcycles
    • Tire Suspension – PLTNM
    • Came Tree – Andrews
    • Oil pump kit – Feuling
    • Reinforced Clutch – Barnett
    • Reinforced clutch bell – Trask Performance
    • Screamin’ Eagle Air Filter – Harley – Davidson
    • Custom Mapping – DON X MELK Motorcycles
    • Tire Av – Metzeler
    • Tire Ar 260 – Butcher
    • Av 14 brake discs – Arlen Ness
    • Arlen Ness Brake Disc
    • Av 6 pistons brake calipers – Arlen Ness
    • Mud Guard Av – Rick’s Motorcycles
    • Engine hoof – Killer Custom
    • Carter de came Transparent – Performance Machine
    • Derby Cover Transparent – Rick’s Motorcycles
    • Steering wheel – Harley – Davidson
    • Riser – RSD
    • Handles – Rough Craft
    • Mini clignotant LED – MELK Motorcycles
    • Lights + Flashing Ar – Thunderbike
    • Feet Ave – Rough Craft
    • Gear Selector Stamp – Rought Craft
    • Support de plaque – MELK Motorcycles
    • Red Candle Son – Accel
    • Low Passage Mirrors – MELK Motorcycles
    • Av wheel axle cover – Thunderbike
    • Black engine screw – MELK Motorcycles
    • Black Saber Visery – MELK Motorcycles
    • Black pulley screw – MELK Motorcycles
    • Etc etc etc…

    Aesthetic Preparation / Painting

    A bit of red for sportiness, glossy black and matte black for elegance and to finish a matte grey from DUCATI highlight the sharp lines of this particular bodywork.
    We decided to showcase some of the so-called performance pieces through clear cache. Particularly the one from the tree came introducing the stage 4 kit in anodized red.
    On the other side the derby cover lets us see the orange red of the reinforced clutch.

    Work done

    • Réservoir – Vivid Black/ Vivid Black Mate / Roso Corso / Grigio Metal Mate
    • Mud Guard Av – Vivid Black/ Vivid Black Mate/ Roso Corso/ Grey Metal Mate
    • Mud Guard Ar – Vivid Black/ Vivid Black Mate/ Roso Corso/ Grey Metal Mate
    • Swing Arm – Vivid Black
    • Headlight Cap – Vivid Black/ Pink Corso/ Gray Metal Mate
    • Ecopes laterales – Vivid Black/ Vivid Black Mate / Roso Corso / Grigio Metal Mate
    • Engine Claw – Vivid Black/ Vivid Black Mate/ Roso Corso/ Grigio Metal Mate
    • Rims – Matte Gray
    • Fourche – Black Ceramic
    • Exhaust – Black Ceramic
    • Rockers inferieurs – Vivid Black Mate
    • Rockers inferieurs – Vivid Black Mate
    • Lifterbase – Vivid Black Mate
    • Pushrods – Vivid Black Mate
    • Carter came – Vivid Black Mate
    • Carter de transmission – Vivid Black Mate
    • Carter Primaire – Vivid Black Mate
    • Brake Pedal – Vivid Black
    • Tringlerie – Vivid Black
    • Throw Back – Vivid Black
    • Selector – Vivid Black
    • Pulley – Vivid Black
    • Levers C/Brake – Vivid Black
    • Risers – Vivid Black
    • Guidon – Vivid Black
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