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The Ducati Diavel concept bike designed by Tamas Jakus

The Ducati Diavel concept bike designed by Tamas Jakus

    The Ducati Diavel concept bike designed by Tamas Jakus

    The Ducati Diavel concept bike designed by Tamas Jakus of Jakusa Design in Hungary is an incredibly beautiful and unique motorcycle that captures the essence of Ducati’s spirit.

    This concept bike is a work of art, with its bold design elements that are both innovative and functional.

    The modified rear fender is an important aspect of the design, as it gives the bike a sleek and streamlined look. It perfectly complements the modified seat, which provides a comfortable ride for the rider. The front fender is also pulled back to cover more of the bike, providing additional protection and a more visually appealing appearance.

    The handlebars have been pulled down, giving the bike a more aggressive “track bike” appearance. The exhaust is now black, adding a touch of sophistication to the design. The large number 63 is now painted on the fuel tank, giving the bike a distinctive and bold look.

    The front and rear wheels now involve black carbon discs, adding a sense of speed and excitement to the design. The rims have also been redesigned, with a carbon fiber effect and custom wheel hubs. The wheels are fitted with red-colored rings, providing an extra touch of style.

    The bronze-colored forks are one of the most distinctive design elements of the bike, contrasting perfectly with the matte black finish of the entire bike. They add a sense of authenticity and ruggedness to the design, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic.

    The front and rear lights have been modified to provide a more minimalist style, in line with the overall theme of the concept bike. The mirrors and handlebar position have been made more radical, giving the rider a more exciting and dynamic riding experience.

    Overall, Tamas Jakus has created a magnificent work of art with the Ducati Diavel concept bike.

    It is a truly innovative and inspired design that combines functionality with style, and captures the essence of Ducati’s spirit in a stunning and unique way. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, and it is truly a bike that any motorcycle enthusiast would be proud to own.


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