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Suzuki Boulevard ‘Silver-R’ by Thunderbike

Suzuki Boulevard ‘Silver-R’ by Thunderbike

    Suzuki Boulevard 'Silver-R' by Thunderbike

    Thunderbike is a premier custom motorcycle builder in Germany. They are known for their iconic cruiser motorcycles that are built to perfection. One of their recent builds is the Suzuki Boulevard M109R in silver color with a thunderous 280mm rear tire and a stunning dual chrome exhaust system.

    This custom-built motorcycle has been given a complete makeover by Thunderbike, giving it a sleek and aggressive look. The back of the motorcycle has been modified to include a single seat and all its parts have been chromed for a distinct look. The unique chrome handlebar is exclusive to Thunderbike, further adding to the uniqueness of the motorcycle.



    Country Germany

    Model Suzuki Boulevard

    Style Cruiser

    The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is a perfect motorcycle for cruising on the open road with style and performance. With its powerful engine, it is capable of providing a thrilling ride for the rider. The chromium coating on the motorcycle not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also helps protect the bike from environmental factors.

    The motorcycle is a work of art and attention to detail is evident in every corner. The rear tire gives the motorcycle a muscular and dominating look while the chrome handlebar adds to its retro appearance. The beautifully crafted and chromed parts on the motorcycle truly make it a one of a kind motorcycle.

    So if you’re looking for a motorcycle that combines style, performance, and exclusivity, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R customized by Thunderbike is the perfect choice. Its unique design and superior performance makes it stand out from the crowd and it is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The motorcycle is a true masterpiece and a must-have for any cruiser enthusiast.

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