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Buell S1 1998 ‘Thunderstorm’ by Speed of Color

Buell for sale on ebay Speed of Color Country Germany Model Buell Style Racer Buell for sale on ebay Engine: “Thunderstorm” cylinder heads upgrade, engine rebuild Air filter: Forcefinder Exhaust / silencer: Race

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Buell XB12SCG Custom by Illa from Seattle

Buell for sale on ebay ILLA Custom Youtube Channel Geolocation Seattle COUNTRY UNITED STATES MODEL BUELL XB12SCG STYLE STREETFIGHTER Buell for sale on ebay Streetfighter parts Modified side bar mirrors CRGSide bar turn signals Rizoma

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Buell history

Erick Buell was a race enthusiast and motorcycle engineer who founded Buell Motorcycle Company in 1983. His passion for motorcycles began when he was a young boy and it followed him throughout his life. He worked tirelessly to create a unique brand that would change the motorcycle industry forever.

Buell began producing Harley-Davidson sport motorcycles in the 1980s. His first project, the RR1000, was based on a Harley-Davidson motor and had an innovative design that emphasized performance and handling over traditional American styling. The bike was successful in racing circuits in Europe and the United States.

After seeing the potential of his company, Buell entered into a partnership with Harley-Davidson in 1993. This partnership allowed him to incorporate Harley-Davidson engines into his bikes and leverage their resources for research and development.

Over the years, Buell’s focus on sporty handling and performance became more pronounced. In 1995, he introduced the S1 Lightning, a bike with an aggressive, minimalist design that was powerfully engineered. The bike received critical acclaim and helped elevate the brand’s reputation.

Buell’s passion for racing continued throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In 2003, he introduced the XB9R Firebolt, which was inspired by the racing bikes he had ridden in his youth. The Firebolt had an innovative design, featuring a fuel tank that doubled as a structural part of the bike’s frame.

The end of Buell motorcycles

In 2009, Harley-Davidson announced its intention to discontinue the Buell brand due to the economic recession. Buell Motorcycle Company officially closed its doors in 2010. However, Erick Buell continued to innovate and founded Erik Buell Racing, which produced a series of unique motorcycles until its closure in 2015.

And now …

His focus on sporty handling and innovative engineering led to the development of many groundbreaking bikes. His brand challenged the traditional American motorcycle aesthetic and focused on performance and functionality.

Buell’s spirit of innovation and performance endures. He remains a legend in the motorcycle industry and continues to inspire enthusiasts around the world.

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