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Ducati Diavel Update … done!

Ducati Diavel Update … done!

Ducati Diavel Update … done!

Ducati Diavel Update is a powerful beast of a motorcycle that has been taken to the next level by Kikas Design in Estonia.

This custom modification features a satin silver main color that is spiced up with satin xirallic red accents to create a bold and eye-catching design. The result is a bike that is not only beautiful but also performs at a high level.

One of the most notable modifications made to the bike is the addition of Ducati Performance forged wheels with large tire lettering (Pirelli Diablo). These wheels not only look great but also add to the overall performance and speed of the bike. The tires used are none other than the Pirelli Diablo, one of the most respected and reliable tires in the industry.

The D+ Diavel seat is another unique feature of this modification. Made from Alcantara, a luxurious and durable fabric, this seat adds comfort and style to the motorcycle. The seat makes for a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the longest of journeys.

Overall, the modifications made to the Ducati Diavel 1260S by Kikas Design are top-of-the-line. From the wheels to the seat, every detail has been carefully thought out and executed with precision. This bike is not only a work of art but also a high-performance machine that will turn heads on any road or track.

In conclusion

The custom Ducati Diavel 1260S modified by Kikas Design of Estonia is a true masterpiece. The satin silver and xirallic red color scheme, combined with the Ducati Performance forged wheels, Pirelli Diablo tires, and D+ Diavel seat made from Alcantara make for a bike that is both beautiful and powerful. This modification is a must-see for any motorcycle enthusiast looking for the ultimate ride.

Builder @kikasdesign

Photos @karlsaarephotography

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