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BMW R 18 Conceptbike ‘Iron Annie’ by VTR Customs

BMW R 18 Conceptbike ‘Iron Annie’ by VTR Customs

    The VTR Customs team proudly presents the BMW R 18 Conceptbike, aptly named “IRON ANNIE.”

    This extraordinary creation marks a significant milestone for the renowned Swiss custom motorcycle builders, as it represents their most ambitious R 18 project to date.

    “IRON ANNIE” draws its inspiration from the iconic Junkers 52 Airplane from the 1930s, a symbol of aviation’s golden era.

    What makes this masterpiece truly exceptional is the meticulous craftsmanship invested in every detail. Every component of “IRON ANNIE” is expertly handcrafted by the talented artisan known as Cello.

    Using a sheet alloy as his canvas, Cello has sculpted a motorcycle that pays homage to the industrial aesthetics of the 1930s while embracing modern engineering and design.

    The result is a one-of-a-kind BMW R 18 Conceptbike that seamlessly fuses vintage aviation design with cutting-edge motorcycle technology.

    “IRON ANNIE” is a testament to VTR Customs’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of customization and creating truly unique, museum-quality motorcycles that captivate the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.

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