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BMW Café R nineT by Duke Motorcycles

BMW Café R nineT by Duke Motorcycles


In the picturesque country of France, nestled along the stunning Mediterranean coast, there exists a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts of the Café Racer style.

Here, Duke Motorcycles, an esteemed BMW specialist workshop has brought to life an exquisite masterpiece, the BMW Cafe R nineT.

The heart of this extraordinary motorcycle is the BMW R nineT, a model known for its classic charm and modern performance. What sets Duke Motorcycles apart is their commitment to preserving the original structure of the motorcycle while transforming it into a Café Racer work of art. They achieve this through their unique plug-and-play kit, ensuring no modifications are needed to the motorcycle’s frame.

A standout feature of this stunning Café Racer is the custom paint job, meticulously crafted to perfection. The bold and striking blue color with contrasting gold accents accentuates the sleek lines and classic design of the BMW R nineT, turning heads wherever it goes.

But the beauty of this Café Racer runs much deeper than its aesthetics. Duke Motorcycles has endowed it with an array of high-performance and custom components. It boasts an engine spoiler, mass-cut aluminum fork beams, and a Motogadget Motoscope Pro BMW R nineT speedometer.

The custom Alcantara saddle provides both comfort and style, while the standard rear shell features a supercar air diffuser, adding a touch of exclusivity.

In terms of performance, the Café Racer is equipped with Beringer braking and clutch control systems for superior stopping power and precision. The M-View Motogadget mirror enhances visibility, and the custom stainless steel exhaust line not only contributes to the distinctive sound but also maximizes engine performance. With a KN air filter and double optical headlight, the BMW Café Racer R nineT is not just a sight to behold; it’s a true rider’s dream.

Duke Motorcycles has ensured that this Café Racer complies with regulations by incorporating minimalist Highsider lighting, making it street-legal and ready for any adventure.

For those seeking the ultimate BMW experience and Café Racer style, Duke Motorcycles offers à la carte maintenance and preparation services. Whether it’s fine-tuning your existing BMW motorcycle or embarking on a custom project like the Café Racer R nineT, their expertise and dedication are at your service.

To learn more about this BMW Café Racer, you can contact Duke Motorcycles at This is an opportunity to explore the synergy of classic elegance and modern performance, embodied in the BMW Café Racer R nineT by Duke Motorcycles.

Photo @asphalt_photographer

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