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300 V-Rod Custom ‘The Kingpin’ by Rod Squad Motorcycles

300 V-Rod Custom ‘The Kingpin’ by Rod Squad Motorcycles



    Contact @rodsquadmotorcycles

    Country Germany

    Model H-D Night Rod

    Style Big Ass

    V-Rod Custom parts

    • Frame painted in candy gold / black
    • Engine painted in matt black / engine components in glossy black with gold screws
    • Lightcon 18″ rim at the front with 130 tires in candy gold/black
    • Lightcon 11.5″ x 18″ rear rim with 300 tires
    • Body kit in glossy black with candy gold lining
    • Dragster front fender
    • 2″ fork lowering
    • Beringer Aerotech brake calipers
    • black steel flex brake lines
    • Speed Demon triple clamps 6° stretch
    • ProBrake clip-on handlebars
    • Speed Demon Sachssenring airbox cover
    • Jack Lomaxx Sleek tail section
    • Jack Lomaxx radiator cover
    • 2in1 dragster exhaust system
    • Thunderbike footrest system
    • Arnott Airride custom made
    • Rick’s swingarm
    • Custom-made seat leather / Alcantara
    • Atto 3in1 indicator / tail light / stop light combination
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