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2015 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle Silver Bullet by Killer Custom

2015 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle Silver Bullet by Killer Custom


    Introducing the 2015 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle by Killer Custom from Lithuania, affectionately baptized with the name “Silver Bullet.” For inquiries, you can contact them at

    Killer Custom has a distinctive approach to their signature V-Rod builds. They’ve established a formula that sets their creations apart: chop out the stock rear fenders and black out the metal parts. This unique approach ensures that their V-Rod bikes always stand out from the crowd.

    What’s remarkable about Killer Custom’s work is that they achieve this distinct look without resorting to expensive aftermarket parts.

    Instead, they rely on original components such as stock front and rear suspension, wheels, and swingarms. By adding a full body kit and carefully selected accessories, they transform the V-Rod into a head-turning masterpiece.

    A noteworthy aspect of Killer Custom’s builds is that many of the parts they use are manufactured in-house. This not only ensures quality and precision but also makes it possible for enthusiasts to achieve a similarly aggressive look without breaking the bank.

    Whether it’s the handlebar, grips, front fork covers, or lowering kits, Killer Custom consistently utilizes these elements to create the mean and eye-catching appearance that defines their V-Rod motorcycles.

    The 2015 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle “Silver Bullet” is a testament to Killer Custom’s dedication to crafting distinctive and aggressive bikes. Their commitment to innovation and their unique design philosophy make their creations truly stand out in the world of custom motorcycles.

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