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Vespa GTS 300 Custom ‘Peppone’ by VTR Customs

Vespa GTS 300 Custom ‘Peppone’ by VTR Customs


The Vespa GTS 300 scooter, when infused with the artistry of VTR Customs in Switzerland, becomes a bespoke marvel named ‘Peppone,’ reminiscent of the iconic duo from Don Camillo & Peppone.

This scooter boasts a polished finish, exuding elegance, accentuated by striking red details that amplify its charisma.

One of the standout features of this customized Vespa is its bespoke seat, meticulously crafted to enhance comfort while riding.

Complementing its sleek design and adding an exhilarating touch is the Akrapovic Exhaust, not just an auditory delight but a performance enhancement that elevates the scooter’s experience to new heights.

The fusion of VTR Customs’ craftsmanship with the classic Vespa GTS 300 model results in a unique, personalized masterpiece that pays homage to tradition while embracing modernity.

‘Peppone’ stands as a testament to both innovation and reverence for the Vespa legacy.