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This B-King is a fierce machine: by Furax Bikes

This B-King is a fierce machine: by Furax Bikes

    This B-King is a fierce machine_ by Furax Bikes

    The Suzuki B-King motorcycle is already a fierce machine with its muscular build and powerful engine.

    However, Furax Bikes took things to the next level by modifying the bike in their signature OSD (Outside Drive custom) style, adding statement performance parts and even giving the motorcycle a new name – the Interceptor, as christened by Joel Muller.

    The engine of the Interceptor is a 1,340cc stock version with an added stage 2 CDI programming for improved performance. To boost power even further, the catalytic converter, lambda probe, exhaust valve, and pair systems were removed. The air box was also prepared with larger diameter aluminum sleeves and the K&N air filter was replaced.

    The manifold and exhaust system of the Interceptor was upgraded to a Brock’s Performance 4 in 1 model.

    This not only enhances the sound but also provides better exhaust flow, reducing any back pressure and increasing overall performance. To complement these modifications, a Speedo Healer cruise control module was added, along with an Motogadget Motoscope Pro speedometer.

    In terms of protection and safety, the Interceptor is equipped with an R&G protection rear shock absorber and radial Beringer calipers for superior braking power. The brake discs were also upgraded to Beringer models. The bike features an enlargened front fender that was manufactured by Furax Bikes to enhance the overall look of the motorcycle.

    One of the most striking features of the Interceptor is its wide rear tire – a 280 Metzeler Marathon ME tire. This is matched by a 180 Metzeler tire on the front. The rear shell is also unique, as it has been adapted from a BMW S1000RR two-seater rear shell by Furax Bikes.

    The rear frame of the Interceptor was manufactured by Furax Bikes themselves, and the bike also features LED rear lights and Bar end indicators from Motogadget M-blaze. On the front, the headlight is made by MGM-BIKES and features Devil Eyes LED lights for an imposing appearance. The Mono-arm is also a unique feature of the Interceptor, crafted from aluminum and cut in the mass CNC Otec.

    Finally, the motorcycle’s look was finished with an anthracite paint job.

    The rims and casings were given an anodized Nickel Hard treatment for added durability and a luxurious finish. Overall, the Suzuki B-King Interceptor by Furax Bikes is an imposing machine with impressive performance and unique design features.

    @furaxbikes | Photos @mywork

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