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Project Piombo-X based on Ducati X-Diavel by BOX39

Project Piombo-X based on Ducati X-Diavel by BOX39


Introducing the breathtaking Project Piombo-X, a marvel born from the visionary minds at BOX39, straight from the heart of Russia.

This magnificent creation is a reimagining of the Ducati X-Diavel, encapsulating luxury in every detail with its mesmerizing blue hue, a testament to opulence crafted from milled aluminum and carbon, accentuated by striking gold rims.

Crafted in the year 2023, this masterpiece boasts modifications that redefine the boundaries of innovation and style.

With an R18x130mm front wheel and an impressive R18x280mm rear wheel, the Piombo-X commands attention and exudes an unparalleled presence on the road.

BOX39’s meticulous craftsmanship shines through in every aspect of this motorcycle.

The modifications are extensive and transformative, ranging from the pendulum and fuel tank to the rear wing, all seamlessly integrated to enhance both performance and aesthetics.

Even the wheels, steering wheel, pulley, and seat undergo meticulous upgrades, elevating this Ducati X-Diavel into a league of its own.

The Piombo-X stands as a testament to the fusion of engineering brilliance and artistic flair, a symphony of design and functionality.

It’s not merely a motorcycle; it’s a masterpiece on wheels, a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection in the realm of motorcycle customization.