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Killer Custom has updated the classic Harley Softail Slim

Killer Custom has updated the classic Harley Softail Slim


    Updated Harley Softail Slim is already a classic bike, but when modified by Killer Custom from Lithuania, it becomes a true work of art.

    The color scheme of this particular bike is a combination of black and gray that exudes class and style. Killer Custom specializes in customizing motorcycles and they have certainly hit the mark with this one.

    The Softail Slim is a cruiser-style motorcycle, which makes it perfect for long, relaxed rides on the open road. Modified with a number of high-quality and stylish accessories, this bike will turn heads wherever it goes. Some of these accessories include Booster Mirrors, Harley-Davidson Softail Back Frame Spoiler, and Avon Air Cushioned Grips Fly-By-Wire.

    Harley-Davidson M8 Softail Rear Fender “Bobbstr,” which accommodates 180-200 wide tires, is another modification that gives the bike an aggressive yet elegant appearance.

    The addition of Harley-Davidson Softail “Turbo” Led Turn Signals also adds to the bike’s sleek look, while the Harley-Davidson “Avenger” 1 1/4″ Fat Drag Handlebar and Softail 3″ Riser Set for 1 1/4″ Handlebar raise the rider’s grip for improved comfort while cruising.

    The Progressive Suspension Front Fork Lowering Kit is an essential accessory for those who want to improve handling and stability while riding. Killer Custom has included Harley-Davidson Licence Plate Holder with Lightning All Countries and Harley-Davidson “Avenger” Series Softail M8 Radiator Cover to further accentuate the bike’s overall aesthetic.

    The Softail Side Covers “Avenger” For Shock Absorber Without Preload Adjustment Knob and tires Dunlop edition Harley-Davidson complete the package.

    The final touch to the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim modified by Killer Custom is the exhaust system Supertrapp black 2 in 1 and a Screamin’ Eagle air filter.

    These modifications ensure that the bike not only looks amazing but also sounds great as it revs through the gears. As a result, the Softail Slim is transformed into a head-turning machine built for cruising in style.

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