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Harley Davidson V Rod Supercharged by Fredy

Harley Davidson V Rod Supercharged by Fredy

Harley Davidson V Rod Supercharged by Fredy

Introducing the Harley Davidson V Rod Supercharged motorcycle, customized by Fredy from Estonia!

This incredible machine has been transformed into a true beast on two wheels, thanks to a plethora of upgrades and accessories provided by Design Parts (

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key enhancements:

Öhlins Rear Suspension: Upgraded for improved handling and comfort.

Sprintex Supercharger: A serious power boost to take this bike to the next level of performance.

Brake Caliper Adapter: Enhancing braking performance for safety and control.

License Plate Holder: For a clean and stylish rear end.

Black Engine Block: Giving the bike a sleek and aggressive appearance.

Instrument Bracket: A functional and aesthetic addition to the handlebar area.

Front Pulley Cover: Adding a touch of flair to the front of the bike.

Speedo Housing: Keeping your instruments protected and looking sharp.

Front Fender: A custom fender to complement the bike’s design.

Airbox Cover: Enhancing the bike’s air intake system.

Rear Fender: A custom rear fender to complete the look.

Pulley-Rotor: Improving the drivetrain for enhanced performance.

Triple Trees: An essential part of the bike’s front-end assembly.

Airbox Logo: Adding a personalized touch to the airbox.

Pivot Shaft: Part of the bike’s suspension and steering system.

Front Fork: Critical for the bike’s front-end suspension.

Handlebar: A custom handlebar for improved ergonomics and style.

Rear Fork: Enhancing the rear suspension and appearance.

Front and Rear Axles and Hubs: Upgraded for improved strength and performance.

Taillight: Ensuring visibility and style at the rear of the bike.

Seat: Customized for comfort and aesthetics.

Stainless Steel Coolant Lines: For added durability and style.

Goodridge Front and Rear Brake Lines: Enhancing the braking system’s performance.

Autometer Boost Gauge: Keeping an eye on supercharger performance.

Muscle Radiator Cover: Adding a unique touch to the bike’s cooling system.

Arlen Ness Headlights: For improved visibility and a striking look.

Power Commander V: Fine-tuning the engine’s performance.

SE Speedometer: A special edition speedometer for a unique touch.

Throttle Cables: Ensuring precise control over the throttle.

Knurled Grips: For a comfortable and secure grip on the handlebars.

CFR Exhaust: Enhancing both performance and the bike’s distinctive sound.

Clutch Line: Improving clutch control for a smoother ride.

F1 Mirrors: Stylish mirrors for a better rear view.

Chrome Accessories: Adding shine and style throughout the bike.

Rear Brake Master Cylinder: Enhancing rear braking control.

Front and Rear Frame Covers: Adding a polished look to the bike’s frame.

Front Brake Caliper: Ensuring optimal front braking performance.

Ignition Switch Trim: A small detail that makes a big difference.

Engine Bolt Covers: For a clean and customized engine appearance.

Pivot Shaft Covers: Adding a touch of elegance to the bike’s suspension.

Front Axle Covers: Small details that contribute to the bike’s overall look.

Headlight Mounts: Ensuring your headlights are securely in place.

Switch Housings: For controls that are both functional and stylish.

Hand Controls: Ensuring precise control over your bike.

Brake Pedal and Switch Caps: Small yet important elements for safety and control.

Shifter Rod and Shift Pedal: Ensuring smooth gear changes.

Footpegs and Levers: Customized for both comfort and style.

Fredy from Estonia has truly taken the Harley Davidson V Rod Supercharged motorcycle to new heights with these incredible modifications. This bike is a testament to the art of customization, where every detail matters to create a truly unique and high-performance machine.

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