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Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle custom ‘FL-AAA’ by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle custom ‘FL-AAA’ by Bündnerbike

Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle custom 'FL-AAA' by Bundnerbike

The iconic Harley Davidson brand has always been associated with power, performance, and an unmistakable style that is truly its own.

One of their most legendary models, the V-Rod, has been modified by the Swiss-based Bündnerbike to create a custom muscle bike that is to turn heads. This sleek, V-Rod by Bündnerbike is a true work of art and a testament to the skill of its creators.

With a modified muscle design, this bike exudes power and performance from every angle. The wheels of this bike are provided by NLC.

Safety has also taken into consideration, which is why Metzeler Marathon tires have been installed with the sizes 280/35 R18. These top-performing tires ensure excellent grip and stability, while also looking stylish on this custom bike.

The exhaust system is a 2-in-2 Black by NLC, which enhances the bike’s performance and sound. The head and rear fenders, as well as the airbox and radiator covers, are also made by NLC, providing a cohesive look to this custom Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle bike.

Bündnerbike has added their personal touch to the bike by upholstering the seat with comfortable leather that complements the white paint job perfectly. The overall result is a bike that is stunning to look at and is also comfortable to ride.

The painter at Bündnerbike has done an excellent job of bringing this custom bike to life. The paint job is impeccable, and the white color chosen for this bike accentuates the muscular lines perfectly.

Overall, this Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle bike by Bündnerbike is a thing of beauty, a true masterpiece.

This bike is not just an excellent example of custom bike designing, but it is also a testament to the artistry of Bündnerbike. From the Metzeler Marathon tires to the custom paint job, every detail has been carefully thought of and executed perfectly. This custom V-Rod muscle bike by Bündnerbike will undoubtedly turn heads wherever you go.

VRod muscle parts

  • Wheels by No Limit Custom
  • Tires Metzeler Marathon 280/35 R18
  • Exhaust system  No Limit Custom 2-in-2 Black
  • Headlights No Limit Custom
  • Rearfender No Limit Custom
  • Frontfender No Limit Custom
  • Airboxcover No Limit Custom
  • Radiator cover No Limit Custom
  • Seat Bündnerbike
  • Painter  Bündnerbike

Builder @bündnerbike