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Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special VRSCDX by X-Trem

Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special VRSCDX by X-Trem

Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special VRSCDX by X-Trem

Introducing the Harley Davidson Night-Rod Special 300 – A Complete Custom Conversion with 11×18 Wheels and 4-Color Paint by Builder X-Trem!

This Harley Davidson Night-Rod Special 300, brought to life by X-Trem, is a true masterpiece of customization, combining style and performance in a way that’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With its distinctive paint, wide wheels, and a host of carefully selected modifications, it’s a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the builders. Whether you’re cruising down the open road or parked at your favorite hangout spot, this bike is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Rick’s Wide Tire Swingarm: To accommodate the massive rear wheel.

11×18 10 Spoke Design Monoblock Rear Wheel: A stunning wheel upgrade.

300/35 R 18 Avon Rear Tire: Ensures a powerful grip on the road.

3.0×19 10 Spoke Design Monoblock Front Wheel: A complement to the rear wheel’s design.

120/70 R19 Front Tires: For stability and control up front.

GP Rim Decor: Adding a touch of style to the rims.

RRC Design Pulley: Enhances the overall aesthetics.

Airride Height-Adjustable Air Suspension: Offers customizable comfort with handlebar adjustment.

Front Fender Air Cooled: For improved cooling performance.

Rear Fender Mad Max: A distinctive rear fender choice.

Custom Seat: Featuring carbon leather edging, perforated inlay, Alcantara seat, and decorative stitching.

Airbox Cover Grand Prix with Ram Air: Enhancing air intake performance.

Radiator Cover Estremo: Adds a unique touch to the front.

NLC Tank Cover: Completes the tank’s look.

Indianapolis Headlight with X-TREM Bracket: Ensures excellent visibility.

2 in 1 in 2 Exhaust System by X-TREM: Equipped with a GRAND-PRIX rear silencer and E-Labelling.

Wave Brake Discs: For improved braking performance.

Fork Bridge Cover: Enhances the front fork’s appearance.

Side License Plate Holder Aluminum Black: Provides a sleek solution for the license plate.

LED Stripe Indicators Under the Dashboard: Enhancing visibility and style.

LED Mini Indicators Integrated into the Rear Fender: A seamless look.

Speedfighter Handlebars Coated Black: Offers a unique grip.

LSL Risers: For ergonomic handlebar positioning.

Custom Mirror Knife: A stylish mirror choice.

Black Aluminum Brake Reservoir: Matches the bike’s aesthetics.

Pulley Cover Milled Out and Backed with Grids: An attention-grabbing detail.

Control Lever, Brake Arm, Shift Arm, Shift Lever Black Plastic Coated: Uniform appearance.

Front and Rear Axle Covers: Completes the wheel look.

Swingarm Axle Cover: Adds to the bike’s overall appeal.

K+N Air Filter: Enhances air filtration and engine performance.

Power Vision Performance Enhancement: Boosts overall power and performance.

Excalibur Footrests: Ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Switch Peg Excalibur: A sleek choice for the foot controls.

Handles Excalibur: Adds a unique touch to the grips.