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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 ‘Black Camouflage’ by Cult-Werk

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 ‘Black Camouflage’ by Cult-Werk




Country Austria

Model H-D Fat Boy

Style Cruiser

Introducing the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114, meticulously crafted by Cult-Werk from Austria. This masterpiece of customization stands as a testament to both the skill of the builders and the enduring allure of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Every detail of this Fat Boy 114 has been meticulously reimagined and refined to create a truly unique riding experience. From the sleek lines of the “Custom” V1 short front fender to the precision-milled logo accents on the timer and derby covers, every element exudes quality and style.

Cult-Werk’s attention to detail extends beyond mere aesthetics. Practical upgrades like the KESSTECH complete system 2 in 2 black with electronically adjustable flap ensure optimal performance without sacrificing legality.

LED technology indicators and taillights, seamlessly integrated into the rear fender, offer enhanced visibility and safety.

The Fat Boy 114’s transformation is not merely cosmetic.

A wide tire conversion to 280 rear tires, paired with a rear conversion “Racing” 2-seater variant, not only enhances the bike’s visual impact but also contributes to improved handling and stability on the road.

The addition of an Air-Ride system on the rear axle allows for continuous height adjustment, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of road conditions.

Meanwhile, the entire fork painted black adds a touch of aggression to the bike’s aesthetic while maintaining its classic appeal.

With each component carefully chosen and meticulously installed, this bike is more than just a mode of transportation—it’s a work of art on wheels.

For more information and to see more of Cult-Werk’s stunning creations, visit their Instagram page at Cult-Werk Official.

The following parts or changes were made to the vehicle:

  • short front fender “Custom” V1 (Cult-Werk)
  • Brake fluid reservoir cap “Custom” (Cult-Werk)
  • Axle cover at the front in black including logo (Cult-Werk)
  • Rear axle cover in black including logo (Cult-Werk)
  • “Custom” front spoiler in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Air filter cover “Racing” in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Side cover set “Racing” in black (Cult-Werk)
  • “Racing” mirror set (Cult-Werk)
  • Rest set “Racing” (Cult-Werk)
  • Timer cover milled with logo (Cult-Werk)
  • Derby cover milled with logo (Cult-Werk)
  • LED technology indicators front black incl. Cult-Werk indicator holder (Cult-Werk)
  • side license plate holder with LED license plate light in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Rear conversion “Racing” 2-seater variant (Cult-Werk)
  • LED technology indicators and taillight integrated in the rear fender (Cult-Werk)
  • Wide tire conversion to 280 rear tires (Cult factory)
  • short belt protection in black (Cult-Werk)
  • Rims painted black to match (Cult-Werk) – entire fork painted black (Cult-Werk)
  • Air-Ride system on the rear axle for continuous height adjustment!
  • KESSTECH complete system 2 in 2 black with electronically adjustable flap (always legal!)
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