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EPISODE 22 – Ride the Mighty Volcanoes of Japan, Mt. Fuji & Mt. Ontake



After enjoying Yoshi’s Japanese hospitality it was time to continue riding down south but not before visiting mount Fuji, the biggest volcano in Japan. On the way also pass by mount Ontake where the volcano recently erupted taking over 60 hikers by deadly surprise. Wasn’t allowed to get closer by police and the day was too cloudy to get to see the volcanic smokestack. This whole section Honshu island is the seismic epicenter of the country where three tectonic plates meet. It’s crazy how in spite of this they’ve built so many dams in the region. Out here it’s some of the best motorcycle touring in the country on narrow roads that sometimes feel deserted. Bit of respite after riding in the dense urban sprawls down in the valleys. Traveled to mount Fuji on a perfect day with the clouds hanging low. Above them it was like looking down over the edge of a cloud waterfall. After the day and night rides through Japan’s forests I now better understand how the magic of the forest is ingrained in their culture.


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