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Ducati XDiavel ‘Piombo-X Edition #0’ by Box39

Ducati XDiavel ‘Piombo-X Edition #0’ by Box39


    The Ducati XDiavel motorcycle is a sleek and powerful machine, and the limited edition Piombo-X #0, crafted by Box39 in Russia, elevates its allure to a whole new level.

    This exclusive edition boasts an electric blue color that sets it apart on the road. Its striking appearance is accentuated by custom-made gold wheels, ensuring that it catches eyes wherever it goes.

    The XDiavel Piombo-X #0 comes equipped with a front wheel measuring R18x130mm and an impressive rear wheel of R18x280mm, enhancing both its aesthetics and performance.

    Under the skilled hands of Box39, several modifications have been made to this machine, transforming its key elements.

    The pendulum, fuel tank, rear wing, wheels, steering wheel, pulley, and seat have all been meticulously crafted and reworked to deliver a unique and exhilarating riding experience.

    If you’re seeking a motorcycle that merges style and performance seamlessly, the Ducati XDiavel Piombo-X #0 from Box39 is a true masterpiece worth exploring.

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