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BT Choppers has successfully customized this Breakout

BT Choppers has successfully customized this Breakout

    BT Choppers has successfully customized this Breakout

    BT Choppers from Poland has successfully customized the Harley Davidson Breakout and has truly made it a one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

    The Breakout is known for its classic look and powerful performance. But now, with BT Choppers’ enhancements, the motorcycle has become a fierce beast on the road.

    The fuel tank, front fender, rear fender, and front spoiler have all been expertly crafted by BT Choppers. The result is an incredibly sleek and modern style that highlights the Breakout’s classic lines. The frame cover and adjustable seat also add to the overall aesthetic, giving the motorcycle a clean and polished look.

    The exhaust system has been upgraded by BT Choppers as well, adding a deeper and more powerful sound to the Breakout.

    The carbon air filter cover and carbon belt cover give the motorcycle a unique look and feel, distinguishing it from other customs on the market. Additionally, the left side brake system further adds to the enhanced performance of the motorcycle.

    The collaboration with Kesstech has resulted in a set of mufflers that give the Breakout a more aggressive sound. The Spirit Leather seat is also a highlight of the customization, providing both comfort and style.

    The Arlen Ness handlebar gives the rider greater control and a more comfortable riding experience. And lastly, the Avon Cobra 280 tire is the perfect finish to wrap up BT Choppers’ customization.

    Overall, the Harley Davidson Breakout customized by BT Choppers is an exceptional motorcycle that perfectly balances classic style and modern performance.

    The attention to detail that went into the customization is evident in every aspect of the motorcycle. For those interested in creating their own unique motorcycle, BT Choppers is a trusted source that won’t disappoint.

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    BTChoppers Breakout parts

    • BT Choppers – fuel tank
    • BT Choppers – front fender
    • BT Choppers – rear fender
    • BT Choppers – front spoiler
    • BT Choppers – frame cover&adjustable seat
    • BT Choppers – exhaust system
    • BT Choppers – carbon air filter cover
    • BT Choppers – carbon belt cover
    • BT Choppers – left side breake system
    • Spirit Leather – seat
    • Arlen Ness – handlebar
    • Avon Cobra 280 – tire
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