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BMW CafeRacer nineT by Duke Motorcycles

BMW CafeRacer nineT by Duke Motorcycles

    BMW CafeRacer nineT by Duke Motorcycles

    Duke Motorcycles from France is making waves with their exceptional modifications, and their latest project, a caferacer-style BMW R Ninet, is a true masterpiece.

    They’ve taken the BMW R Ninet and transformed it into a work of art, all while keeping it as a plug and play kit, ensuring that the bike’s structural integrity remains intact.

    The customizations are nothing short of extraordinary. The bike boasts a personalized paint job that’s to turn heads, an engine protector for added safety, and a meticulously crafted aluminum fork crown that adds to both the aesthetics and performance of the motorcycle.

    The speedometer is a top-of-the-line Motogadget Motoscop Pro, tailored specifically for the BMW Ninet.

    Every detail is carefully considered, from the Alacantara-wrapped components to the standard rear casc supercar, air diffuser, Beringer frequency control and engagement, and the Mview Motogadget rear view mirror. The stainless steel personalized exhaust line and KN air filter further enhance the bike’s performance.

    In terms of lighting, Duke Motorcycles doesn’t cut corners. They’ve installed Koso LED fares and minimalist approved Highsider lighting, ensuring that the BMW R Ninet is both stylish and safe on the road.

    To complete the look and performance, they’ve added a rear wheel bass with a personalized aluminum turbo fan.

    For those in the Niça, Monaco, and Cannes areas, Duke Motorcycles specializes in BMW maintenance and preparation, making sure these high-performance machines are always in top condition.

    They’re also known for their personalized BMW paint jobs, making your bike truly one-of-a-kind.

    If you’re interested in this remarkable caferacer-style BMW R Ninet or want to know more about Duke Motorcycles’ services, don’t hesitate to contact them at Your dream motorcycle may be just a message away!

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