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Harley-Davidson Breakout ‘Full Block’ by No Limit Custom

Harley-Davidson Breakout ‘Full Block’ by No Limit Custom



    Contact @no-limit-custom

    Country Germany

    Model H-D Breakout

    Style Muscle

    Breakout parts

    • Harley Davidson Breakout 107cci
    • We are selling an absolute dream bike on customer order. Well maintained, low kilometers
    • NLC aluminum tank fully milled
    • NLC- Alu rear fender completely milled, with Alcantara seat
    • NLC- Full Milled Alu Motor Spoiler
    • Fully milled NLC aluminum frame parts
    • Full milled nlc rear headlights
    • NLC single arm swing
    • NLC side plate holder
    • NLC-3D-Gabel
    • NLC- 6-kolben Bremszangen vorne
    • nlc-4 piston rear brake caliper
    • NLC forged wheels 10×18 rear with 280 tire
    • front 3.5×21 with 130 tires.
    • NLC-Drag Pipes
    • BSL- TÜV exhaust system
    • LED- Blinker
    • Aluminum hand lever and handles
    • Aluminum Footrests